Ethical business practices play a vital role in Australia’s corporate landscape, and companies like Seed & Sprout, founded by Sophie Kovic, exemplify the commitment to sustainability and social responsibility. Seed & Sprout is an innovative brand that specializes in producing plastic-free products, making it a pioneer in the fight against plastic pollution. By offering alternatives to single-use plastics, such as reusable food storage containers, eco-friendly kitchenware, and sustainable lifestyle products, Seed & Sprout promotes a more sustainable and environmentally conscious way of living.


Ethical business practices in this context involve prioritising the long-term well-being of the environment, as well as considering the social and economic consequences of their operations. Many businesses, such as Seed & Sprout, strive to minimize their ecological footprint and contribute positively to the communities they operate in.

Practicality and Potential of the Tiny House

At it's core, the tiny house represents a departure from the spaciousness that characterises traditional homes. Instead, they embrace compactness and efficiency, aiming to maximise functionality within a minimal footprint. This design philosophy is evident in the layout of tiny houses, which often prioritise multi-functional spaces and clever storage solutions.

Seed & Sprout. Founded by Sophie Kovic

Seed & Sprout is deeply devoted to creating beautiful, practical, innovative and ethical products that lessen the impact on our beautiful world. Everything we do, we do with care. We continuously seek out ways that we can restore and protect the place we all call home.


Not only have we planted over 4,000 macadamia trees, we have also regenerated an ancient rainforest, planting over 35,000 rainforest and eucalypt trees, creating a haven for native wildlife. Our rainforest runs like a vein through the centre of our farm and is a land corridor for the Big Scrub, which was once the largest sub-tropical rainforest in Australia.

Outland Denim

Founded in 2011 as a means to combat the illicit human trafficking trade by creating a safe haven for its survivors, an enduring penchant for good jeans and a cowboy heartbeat eventually culminated into the growing collection of effortless, timeless and coveted denim that you see here today.

Hive Haven

A Hive Haven plastic bee hive will not decay, fracture, swell, flake, mould, or attract woodworms. Our hives are manufactured from three primary components, which consist of a combination of compostable, recycled, recyclable, and virgin plastics. We are a supplier of plastic bee hives. We responsibly source our raw materials whenever possible and support Australian manufacturing by obtaining them locally.

The Swag

Whenever we throw away food, we’re not only throwing out our hard-earned cash, we’re driving up the cost of all food which literally takes food from the mouths of the hungry. The Swag is a patented multi-layered design of 100% unbleached, unseeded cotton - each layer playing a role in keeping produce fresher for much longer.

Sipp Instant

SIPP is committed to reducing the global impact that we are having on our planet. For every box sold, $1 goes towards organisations dedicated to making our planet more sustainable for the generations to come. Plastic pollution, global warming and deforestation are issues that can’t be ignored. We need to stand up and fight for our planet, you too can help - one Sipp at a time!


Ettitude is a fabric innovation company and a lifestyle brand making the world’s softest, most sustainable materials with our patented and carbon neutral CleanBamboo® fibers.


At RecycleSmart, we strive to simplify and make recycling accessible to everyone. We assist households and businesses in taking small, intelligent steps towards a sustainable future, ensuring that valuable resources remain in circulation.

Keith Tulloch Wine

Since 2011, our range of exceptional wines from the Hunter Valley and NSW has been meticulously crafted at our renowned vineyard and winery estate on Hermitage Road. Here, visitors can indulge in wine tastings while overlooking the picturesque vineyards, which yield some of our finest single block and single vineyard wines.

Hub Australia

We're Australia’s largest privately-owned flexible workspace operator, providing premium workspace solutions to help businesses and their teams love where they work. Since being founded in 2011, Hub has been recognised as Australia’s flexible workspace pioneer.

Edible Beauty

As a Naturopath working in a fertility clinic, Anna Mitsios recognized the need for safe and pure skincare options suitable for pregnant women. That's why she developed a range of products that follow a traditional naturopathic approach, blending it with scientifically supported ingredients to create powerful beauty formulas that address your skin concerns holistically.

Nightingale Housing

From the beginning, Nightingale's goal has been to lead by example and reshape the housing market to prioritize positive housing outcomes for those traditionally excluded from homeownership. To assist those in greatest need, Nightingale aims to allocate up to 20% of its housing to community housing providers and another 20% to key community contributors.

10 Easy Ways to Reduce Single-Use Plastics and Embrace Sustainability

By implementing simple changes, you can significantly reduce your ecological footprint and inspire others to do the same. Remember, small actions can create a ripple effect, and together we can make a difference. At Seed & Sprout, we are committed to providing you with eco-friendly products that promote sustainability and help you create a more mindful lifestyle. Join us on this journey towards a greener future!

Embracing a Plastic-Free Future: How Seed & Sprout is Leading the Way

Seed & Sprout: Reducing Plastic Waste, One Product at a Time As concerns about the environment continue to grow, more and more individuals are searching for ways to reduce their plastic consumption and live a more sustainable lifestyle. Thankfully, businesses like Seed & Sprout have emerged as pioneers in the movement towards a plastic-free future.

10 Eco-Friendly and Stylish Products to Kickstart Your Sustainable Lifestyle

Living a sustainable lifestyle is not only good for the planet, but it can also enhance our well-being and contribute to a better future for generations to come. One of the easiest ways to start your sustainable journey is by replacing everyday items with eco-friendly alternatives. In this blog post, we've curated a list of 10 innovative and stylish products from Seed & Sprout that will help you kickstart your sustainable lifestyle.

Flo Gardens

Flo Gardens unwavering commitment lies in the preservation and support of our precious natural environment. With over two decades of expertise in bush regeneration and a profound passion for freshwater ecosystems, we embark on a remarkable endeavor to create awe-inspiring natural pools and water features. Our paramount mission is to reintroduce individuals to the wonders of nature by installing natural pools in every outdoor space.